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Message from the CEO

For us, responsibility starts with the drive to create and protect value for our partners and customers. They trust us to deploy their capital with care, so we can increase the value of their company and the returns it generates. We create this sustainable value by responding to the needs and expectations of our many stakeholders. This includes everyone from the customers who occupy our buildings to the communities in which we operate; from local authorities to our employees and supply chain partners.

We still want to be the employer of choice in hi-end property class, so we attract and retain the best people. And we still want to be the supplier of choice for occupiers, with tenants preferring to spend time in our properties and furniture product, and trusting us to help them meet their property-related sustainability challenges. We believe these points of difference help make us the investment of choice for partners and customers.

People want better buildings and better public realm in their area. They also want concultants and developers to help make their neighbourhood more successful. We look to deliver the best schemes that generate enduring benefits for the community, leaving a lasting, positive legacy. We create job opportunities for local people. We buy in products and services from local companies where we can. We want people to be pleased that it is The Premium Property in their neighbourhood.

In short, I believe a responsible approach to business helps to make our company more competitive today and more successful over the long term.


Founder & CEO


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